Our name,
our mission.

We are the Consortium for the Protection of Asiago Cheese.

We are a Veneto-Trentino Consortium, producers and refiners who work together to create an exceptional cheese.

We are the custodians of the brand, because we protect, promote and valorize it for its uniqueness every day, all over the world.

We are Asiago PDO Cheese. The Italian excellence that expresses the history of us all.

The Consortium for the protection of Asiago cheese is an association made up of cheese producers and maturers. It has tasks of protection, promotion, enhancement and consumer information relating to Asiago PDO cheese.

In particular:

  • follows the product from the collection of raw materials to production in dairies and during packaging, up to labeling and marketing, verifying compliance with the production specification;
  • promotes the Asiago brand, denomination and cheese in Italy and abroad;
  • disseminates knowledge and correct information on the specifics of this large PDO production, an important heritage of the national agro-food sector;
  • defends the denomination from forgery and illegality, in Italy and abroad.


Each wheel of Asiago PDO cheese therefore has the guarantee of total compliance with the production regulations and with a production process whose traceability is guaranteed by the Consortium itself.

With regulation 1151/2012, known as the “Quality Package”, the European Union has strengthened the role of protection consortia, which acquire a more strategic function.

The protection consortia guarantee the quality and authenticity of the products, protect the intellectual co-ownership rights connected to them, carry out training activities and promote the value of the product.


Production rules for the protection of excellence.

The perfection lies in the details. Every stage of processing of Asiago DOP, from the raw material to the marketing, must comply with the strict rules of our Production Rules. That is the only way to guarantee the quality of every form. That is the only way a cheese can be called Asiago DOP.

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