Protected Denomination of Origin

A production zone with unique characteristics, a dairy tradition handed down through the generations.

These are the ingredients that make our cheese a Protected Origin Name.

Natural and human factors recognized as the best guarantee of excellence and safety.


The origin of goodness.

The origin of goodness.

An area where man and nature have always lived side by side. A geographical area that contains mountains and plains, passing down through the hills around Vicenza. Only here, the variety of vegetation is echoed by a particular microclimate.

It is the land of the finest milk, the milk that becomes the best cheese.

Our queens.

Bruna Alpina, Burlina, Frisona Italiana, Grigio Alpina, Pezzata Rossa, Rendena. They are our employers.

Breeds of cattle that have populated our pastures and graced our barns for centuries. Our business is to take care of them every day, starting from their feed, which consists of forage from the area and natural choices, respectful of the cyclical seasons and biodiversity.

Because what is good for them is good for us.


To every cheese, its own milk.

For every type of Asiago PDO we select the best fresh milk from the zone of origin. Our white gold is processed within hours of collection, with the sole addition of rennet and salt.

Fresh Asiago PDO

Whole milk from one or more consecutive milkings, which can be processed raw, heated or pasteurized.

Aged Asiago PDO

Whole milk from one or more consecutive milkings.

Asiago PDO Product of the Mountain

Mountain milk whole or partially skimmed, produced and collected exclusively above 600 mt. altitude, from cows fed without any kind of silage.

* Lysozyme, an enzyme extracted from egg, generally used as an antibacterial, is prohibited by the Asiago PDO production specification.