From the West coast to the East coast let’s meet at the “Discovery Week Asiago PDO”

From June 9th to 16th, the Asiago PDO Cheese Consortium invites you to the “Discovery Week Asiago PDO” for a journey centered on the quality and authentic values of the best Italian dairy production. From New York to Los Angeles passing through Chicago, Boston and Miami, for an entire week you will have the opportunity to taste an original dish based on authentic Asiago PDO, specially created for the occasion from a selection of the best Italian restaurants in the USA, members of the StarChef association. Customers will also savor the Asiago cheese as is, so as to grasp all the unique characteristics of aroma, taste and flavor. The experience can also be repeated at home, following the recipe and information on Asiago PDO delivered to the table by the restaurateur. On social networks, follow the hashtag #DiscoverAsiagoPDO.