Asiago Pdo cheese guest of honor at the Tre Bicchieri Celebration in Munich

Asiago PDO Cheese was the guest of honor
during the Tre Bicchieri Celebration on February
the 7th, and sponsored the hyper-crowded
masterclass at the hystorical Löwenbräukeller
which gathered wine bloggers, sommeliers and
wine professionals, food and wine journalists from
the Bavarian Capital and neighboring cities. This is
probably the most fascinating among the tutored
tastings organized by Gambero Rosso around
the world, because in 12 wines the taster finds
encapsulated the spirit and the philosophy that
inspires the Vini d’Italia Guide every year.

Marco Sabellico from Gambero Rosso and
Luca Cracco from the Asiago Cheese Protection
Consortium hosted the event, which turned out in
a fascinating cheese-and-wine pairing workshop.
Asiago provided 5 different maturations, starting from
the 20 days Fresco (excellent with the Franciacorta!)
to the Stravecchio Prodotto della Montagna with 24
months of ageing. Each found at leat one perfect
partner with the fantastic Special Award wine…
“Unforgettable experience – said Ruf Thilo from
Radio Lora – a real dive into exciting Italian flavors.
Stravecchio and Marsala Vergine? A match made in

During the event, the Asiago PDO station had a
high turnout and a great deal of interest, and all
participants were able to sample different types of
Asiago PDO. At the Top Italian Restaurants in the
World guide award ceremony, the Asiago Consortium
honored ‘Der Katzlmacher’, one of the most traditional
Italian restaurants in Monaco, with a special award
for its cheese selection and service. Monaco loves
cheese, and Asiago in a special way!!!